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The focus of my work in libraries is metadata. Metadata, or structured statements about resources, allows people to find, discover, access, and use the rich and varied collections managed by the River Campus Libraries. Beyond the library, I want to help the wider community learn how they can create and leverage metadata themselves. This can be as complex as a metadata schema for the output of a research lab or how we think about and describe faculty members, to something as straightforward as file naming conventions or an abstract for an article.

My recent work at RCL focuses on making the University of Rochester community more aware of and engaged with metadata, especially as a way of solving their problems and empowering their work. We recently launched a new service called Metadata Outreach. Metadata Outreach is a library service that leverages our proficiency in solving information-based problems to empower our community to recognize and tackle their information-based or metadata-based challenges. Metadata Outreach relies on the rich experience and expertise held by RCL’s Metadata Services staff, particularly in information organization, metadata schema, and controlled vocabularies, to support teaching, learning, and research activities at the University of Rochester. A book chapter on how we developed and formally launched this service is forthcoming, hopefully in 2021.

You can learn more about the specific service offerings and review examples of the projects we’re working on as part of Metadata Outreach here.

You can learn more about metadata, what it is, and why it matters to you, here. This includes some of my favorite metadata resources and one of the presentations on metadata I contributed to the University’s Love Data Week.